Unspotted, by Justin Fox

Annorlunda Enterprises
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People have driven Cape Leopards to the brink of extinction. Can we bring them back?

The majestic Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape region of South Africa are home to the elusive Cape Mountain Leopard. But for how long? The population has been decimated over centuries by human enemies and the survival of these glorious and mysterious cats is in jeopardy. Thanks to zoologist Quinton Martins and his Cape Leopard Trust, there may just be hope that the species will survive and continue to reign over its rocky habitat.

This is a short ebook by Justin Fox about the elusive Cape Mountain Leopards and the man who has made it his life's work to save them. You will receive the MOBI, ePub, and PDF versions of this book. The MOBI version will work with Kindle readers, the ePub version will work with most other readers, and the PDF version is... well, a PDF. You can read it on anything.

To give this book as a gift, select the Gift Card option, and instead of dowloading the book files, you will download a printable gift card to give to someone else. The gift card contains instructions and a code to allow the recipient to come download the book files.

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